Postgraduate Research &
Innovation Symposium (PRIS)


The College awards the best presenters according to the scientific content, its applicability and impact on non-scientists. Due to Covid-19 restrictions on conferences, the College will be awarding the following prizes to the top presenters in each of the five schools at PRIS 2022.

Oral prizes

First PrizeR 15000R 15000R 15000R 15000R 15000
Second PrizeR 10000R 10000R 10000R 10000R 10000
Third PrizeR 5000R 5000R 5000R 5000R 5000

Flash prizes

First PrizeR 10000R 10000R 10000R 10000 
Second PrizeR 5000R 5000R 5000R 5000 
Third PrizeR 3000R 3000R 3000R 3000 

Biggest Impact

Oral PresentationsR 5000R 5000R 5000R 5000R 5000
Flash PresentationsR 3000R 3000R 3000 (SEng & SMSCS)R 3000