Postgraduate Research &
Innovation Symposium (PRIS)



  • The abstract should be on an A4 page with 2.5 cm margins top and bottom, respectively, and side margins of 2.5 cm.
  • The preferred font is Times New Roman, single-spaced.
  • The abstract including the title, author details, and any references should not exceed one page: if it does it will not be accepted and will be returned to the author for further editing and resubmission.
  • Fonts and Formatting – Please retain the fonts and paragraph settings in this template.
  • Do not edit or add anything to the Header/Footer fields in the document.
  • Title – Please try to use no more than two lines for the title.
  • The first line of each paragraph should not be indented and there should be a blank line between paragraphs. References (if any) should be indicated by numbers in square brackets [1], [2], …, etc. in the text and be given at the end of the abstract [1] in a consistent format as appropriate to the particular discipline.
  • The abstract should be submitted in MS Word format.

Oral presentations

  • Oral presenters are given a 20-minute time slot (15-minute presentation and 5 minutes’ question time). 
  • The presentation must be in Microsoft PowerPoint or similar software.
  • To enhance your presentation, it is recommended that any images be of a high enough resolution to appear clearly on projector screens but check that the file size is not so high as to slow down your presentation.
  • Be weary of contrast issues: For example, black and white works well, but yellow and white does not.
  • Please get your supervisor to proofread your slides before submission.  There is nothing worse than noticing a typo or spelling mistake on the day.
  • Please practice your talk beforehand and ensure that the time limit is adhered to.
  • To avoid being nervous on the day and coming across as confident, practice your talk to an audience of your choice, be it friends, family, or classmates a few times

Flash presentations

  • Flash presenters are given a five-minute session to illustrate their research.
  • A flash presentation comprises a maximum of three PowerPoint slides.
  • The presentation must be in either in Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF format.
  • If you are using PowerPoint, do not use any transitions or animations in your presentation.
  • You are not allowed any video files, audio files or links to websites in your presentation.
  • You are allowed to include images in your presentation.

Things to note

  • Create any PowerPoint or PDF slideshows in a 16:9 aspect ratio to match the screens in the venues.
  • Please load your presentation in the venue where you will be presenting at least two hours before your presentation, or the day before. For those presenting in the first session on the first day, and anyone else who would like this security, you may also provide the presentation to organisers ahead of the event so that we may load it for you in advance.
  • Please arrive at the session 10 minutes early and make the session chair aware that you are there so that the session may start on time. You must stay for the entire session.
  • Please ensure that you stick to time so that all participants have the chance to present and so that the session stays on track.